SZG Fitness Expeirence

What is SZG?

Our SZG Fitness Experience is a workshop or an intensive, one day out of the month, that we invite you to experience new techniques, 

styles, and genres of the Aerial and Arts world. These workshops allows and gives everyone the chance to

try and do something new without feeling the pressure of being perfect and/or judgment while being in a supportive, loving, FUN 

and positive environment with others that have the same interests and goals. 


Each month we choose a style and technique to focus on and offer you the chance to experience. The SZG Fitness Experience can be anything from

returning and fine tuning the basics- Fundamentals of AntiGravity to Suspension Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Restorative, Stretch & Strength, Mommy & Me,

Flips & Tricks, Aerial Dance, Bounce, and more.

Upcoming Workshops



Burlesque Dance


Burlesque, back in the day, began in Vaudeville when serious situations or circumstances were made into a mockery to get peoples mind off the Tension that was present. However, Burlesque today has a new role and a new meaning.  Burlesque is now a popular teasing, fun, cabaret style of entertainment that is meant to be flirty not dirty.  This workshop is not going to be removing articles of clothing, rather we are leaning towards the very popular style of Burlesque that everyone loves:  The Pussycat Doll style, which is a Fusion on Hip Hop while having Sass.  Be prepared to learn choreography, sweat, laugh, and feel Sassy while dancing to great songs from Pussycat Dolls, P!nk, Christina Aguilera, etc.

Reserve your spot before this workshop fills up!!!

Friday August 7th

*Memberships, passes, and 3rd party vouchers are not available for the SZG workshop*

Flips & Tricks

This Flips & Tricks workshop is for all those dare devils out there that want to challenge themselves and get that natural adrenaline rush.  Using the AntiGravity Hammock we will climb, flip, wrap, and swing to our hearts content.  This is a workshop for those who have already taken their 3-4 Fundamental Classes and have had a taste of Suspension Fitness.  Here we will build upon the foundations and reach new levels of our training and learning new Aerial Art Tricks.

Reserve your spot before this workshop fills up!!!

Friday August 14th

  • 6pm -  7:30pm

  • $25 per person

  • Book NOW

*Memberships, passes, and 3rd party vouchers are not available for the SZG workshop*

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